Steel Steel : HMS 1 & 2, HMS Rolling scrap,Cast Iron scrap, Pig Iron etc.   Lead Lead : Cable strippings, Remelted ingots, Type (printing) lead etc.
Aluminium Aluminium : T.T, Talon, UBC, Telic, Tense, 6063, 6061, Talk, Litho, Twith, Cables, ACSR etc.   Zinc Zinc : Score, Die cast, bottom dross
Brass Brass : Honey, Ocean, Pales, Pallu, Ebony, Turnings, Hairwire, Lable etc.   Steel Stainless Steel : All types of scrap and stock lots of 301, 304, 309, 310, 316, 319, Monel, Inconel, Ni-resist, Duplex etc.
Copper Copper : Mill berry, Burnt berry, Greasy berry, T-Birch, Birch, Birch/cliff, Enamelled wire, Tubings, Clove/Cobra, Tinned copper, Surdonic, Transformer cores, Cu mill scale. Cables, Cupro Nickel, Condensors etc.

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